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Monthly Pastoral Fellowship

Fellowship is one of God's principle purposes for human beings. That is why we all feel the need for companionship, love, and belongingness. God created the perfect "organization" for fellowship, and that is the family. The family unit was intended by God to provide us with daily fellowship so that we can learn to develop deep loving relationships and discover what it means to sacrifice for others. Our monthly pastoral fellowship is a family meeting where

  1. Love is expressed and
  2. Challenges are shared.


The strength of our family as RCCG Germany Pastoral Fellowship is the Holy Spirit…God Himself…who infuses us with spiritual power according to our commitment to Jesus Christ. When we give the Lord our very selves, He also gets our time, energy, talents, and resources. He provides for all of our needs through His providence and through the faithful stewardship of our family. Our fellowship can therefore be recaptured in the words of Charles Spurgeon that says:


“Let us all feel, dear brethren, that, though we have each one a work to do, and are personally fitted to do it, we are not the only workers in the world. Brother, you are not the only lamp to enlighten earth’s darkness, you are not the only sower to sow the field of the world with the good seed, you are not the only trumpet through which God proclaims His jubilee, yours is not the only hand by which He feeds the multitudes. You are only one member of this mystic body, one soldier of the grand army . . . Brethren, we are not alone.”