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Welcome Guest!

"Together in Christ...Sharing His Love." This is the practical statement of our foundation. By turning to the Bible for guidance and praying earnestly

for God's direction, we are launching into the year 2010 with fresh enthusiasm and passion. We enjoy great fellowship together and are committed

to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. RCCG Germany has a rich heritage and an exciting future.

Thank you for visiting the website of The RCCG Germany. We hope you find the site informative and christianly enriching. RCCG Germany is getting

better organized to respond in the ministry God has called us to do. The plan of our mission and ministry is contained in this website. A study of the

table of contents will instruct you on the various topics covered here. Each division will provide specific information. The Lord has called us to a

wonderful adventure...Knowing Him and Serving Him. Every tool we can find that helps us do that better is a real asset. This website is such a tool.

Serving the nation of Germany as a Christian community for more than 15 years, our chief aim is to encourage and equip people to deepen spiritually,

develop relationally, deploy strategically, and declare openly. That is simply a way to say that we are all about the genuine worship of Christ,

growing in spiritual disciplines, engaging in real relationship with other believers, discovering and utilizing the gifts and abilities God gives for His service

and, reaching out, inviting, and dialoguing with others about faith in Jesus. RCCG Germany, we stand in such a time as this as soldiers of Christ and

carriers of goodnews.

This website is designed with that "heartbeat" in mind. It is a tool to invite you to join us in these pursuits. We want you to be able to check us out,

get informed, communicate with us, watch our General Overseers´ preaching and other spiritual refreshing resources, and, ultimately, come be

part of us. When you do, you'll be glad that you did! You will find a spiritual family that unites around a common faith and will help build your

faith. You will find resources that will help you strengthen your relationship with the Lord. You will find purpose that will give you a certain hope for

the future.


So...enjoy this great site; get acquainted with the RCCG Germany staff, read our newsletter, see what we offer, find out what we believe, but

most importantly...come see us! We will be expecting you.


Blessings and Praise,

Pastor S.S. Jegede                                                                                         photo 03.jpg - 83.23 Kb

Pastor Samuel Jegede                                                                                                            A/P A. O. Afolabi

The National Co- ordinator                                                                                                  The National Secretary

RCCG Germany                                                                                                                         RCCG Germany